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Restoring Our Collective Environment One Habitat at a Time

At Habitat Restoration Specialists we provide full ecological native land restoration services. 

Quotes are always free, and you will be provided with a comprehensive plan for your

unique land restoration project.  


Services Provided

See some of the services we offer here at Habitat Restoration Specialists!

Please reach out to us to share details about your unique habitat and how we can

work with you to transform your restoration site.


Native Plant Installation

We know the local native species well, and can find the ideal plants for your site conditions and preferences! We would love to help you.

Click to learn more!


Erosion Control

We're experts in using materials like jute fabric and coir logs to help stabilize slopes prone to erosion.

Click to learn more!


Invasive Species Removal

We're familiar with all the invasive and noxious weed species found in the area, and know how to control them while minimizing harm to the landscape. Click to learn more!


Site Maintenance

We offer many services including mulching, watering, and general restoration site stewardship and maintenance. Click to learn more!

Want to learn more about Restoration?

Check out our resources page to get started with information on native plants, mulch, and pollinator habitats.

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