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Native Plant Installation

At HRS we are passionate about the environment we live in.  Plants specific to the Pacific Northwest Region are our mission.  Our specialists have extensive knowledge for the plants that thrive best in the conditions we have here in the greater Seattle area.  We work with our clients to obtain a beautiful and functional landscape that will flourish.  


The glacially formed landscape we live in has left behind steep slopes, which combined with the high rainfall amounts here in Western WA creates situations that can lead to erosion.  We are experts in slope stabilization, and would love to help create a healthy, functioning, beautiful habitat on the slopes on the land where you reside.

Native plants use their root systems to help stabilize soil that otherwise may be loose and prone to erosion.  HRS uses erosion materials to help mitigate soil loss, and assist in reducing the impacts of rainfall to prevent hillsides from falling apart.  Projects on hillsides will often include coir which serves as a planting medium as well as a soil stabilizer.  Coir is biodegradable and kind to the surrounding habitat. 

Want to learn more about local native plant species, how to select them for your site conditions, and where to get them?

Click to see the resources we have compiled.

Portfolio of Native Plant Installations

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