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Erosion Control 

Western Washington is known for its hilly and sloping landscapes, carved by glaciers 10,000 years ago. Today, much of the land we live on and recreate in is characterized by steep slopes, canyons, ravines, and streambanks. Managing and restoring a habitat with steep slopes takes some extra care to manage erosion, as these slopes combined with the high precipitation amounts this area receives are a recipe for runoff and land movement. We at Habitat Restoration Specialists are experts in erosion control work. We will create a restoration plan specific to your site, taking in all the factors of the slope, species present on site, factors up and downhill from your site, the weather conditions of the season, and the long term goals of the site. This allows us to design and implement a successful and sustainable restoration project for your unique landscape.


Erosion control projects may include:

  • The removal of invasive species on the slope that aren't effective at soil stabilization

  • Installation of jute fabric and coir logs (made from coconut fibers) that help stabilize the soil, provide a planting medium, reduce the impact of rainfall on bare soil, and are completely biodegradable and friendly to the earth

  • Installation of native species who's roots will stabilize the soil on the slope, help uptake moisture, and slow the impact of rainfall before it hits the soil


Portfolio of Erosion Control Projects

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